oil and gas drill rig drilling into the ground

What is oil and gas leasing?

Oil and gas leasing refers to the process by which companies are granted the right to explore and extract oil and gas resources from a particular area of land or water. This process typically involves oil and gas companies and/or the government, which owns the rights to these resources on public lands, and private landowners, who own the rights to the resources on their own property.

During the leasing process, the government or private landowner will issue a lease to a company that grants them the right to explore for and extract oil and gas resources from a particular area for a set period of time. In exchange for this right, the company will typically pay the landowner a lease bonus and a percentage of the profits from any oil and gas production. You can read more about how oil and gas companies typically acquire leases here.

Oil and gas leasing can be a complex process, involving legal contracts, environmental regulations, and negotiations between multiple parties. At Appalachian Resources Development Group, we have established a new standard of leasing where landowners are valued and protected. We understand how important this aspect of the oil and gas industry is, as it allows companies to access new sources of energy and can contribute to the economy of the areas where oil and gas resources are found.

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