If you’ve recently discovered that your parent(s) owned mineral rights, you may be wondering what steps to take next. At Appalachian Resources Development Group, we understand that this can be a surprising and complex situation. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Verify Ownership: The first step is to verify that your parent(s) did indeed own
    mineral rights and that you have since inherited these rights. This may require
    consulting legal documents or working with a landman to conduct a title search.
  2. Understand Your Rights: As the inheritor of mineral rights, you have certain
    rights and responsibilities. It’s important to understand these rights, including
    your right to royalties if minerals are extracted and oil and gas is produced from
    your property.
  3. Assess the Potential: Once ownership is confirmed, it’s important to assess the
    potential of the mineral rights. This may involve consulting with oil and gas
    industry professionals to determine the viability of extracting minerals from your
  4. Consult with Professionals: Dealing with mineral rights can be complex, so it’s
    advisable to consult with professionals who can provide guidance and
    assistance. This may include legal experts, landmen, or oil and gas industry
  5. Consider Your Options: Depending on the potential of the mineral rights and
    your long-term goals for your property, you may have a range of options available
    to you. These could include leasing the rights to an oil and gas company, selling
    the rights, or retaining them for future use.
  6. Plan for the Future: Finally, it’s important to consider the long-term implications
    of owning mineral rights. This may include planning for potential environmental
    impacts, as well as understanding any regulatory considerations, which may
    ultimately affect the overall value of your mineral rights.
    At Appalachian Resources Development Group, we’re here to support landowners who
    find themselves in this situation. Our team of experts can provide guidance and
    assistance to help you navigate the complexities of owning mineral rights.
    If you have recently discovered that your parent(s) had mineral rights and would like to
    learn more about your options, please contact us. We’re here to help you make
    informed decisions about your property and ensure that you maximize its potential.
    Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Appalachian Resources Development
    Group as we continue to support landowners in the Appalachian region.